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Togo Partnership Perspective ~ Kouami Koudawoo

Kouami Koudawoo, Togolese native and Project Administrator for COMPASSION, has been partnering with GPiH since 2014. He offers a unique take on the work as a citizen of Togo and also as a contributor to GPiH’s vision. Excited by the new projects happening in Togo, here is what he had to say:

“During the month of April 2021, a delegation from GPiH visited the site for the very first time since the start of the construction. This group also helped unload the containers sent from the USA and Holland, which included the tractor and instruction for the maintainer.

The team provided a presentation of the Salama stoves and donated several stoves. A project is now underway to set up a workshop for the manufacturing of Salama stoves.

We also visited a village for a new water well project. Currently, the village [in Togo] travels 2 miles to a water source. Atitoe is a village in the township of Agbélouvé, located in Togo, Africa. The water tower is fed by a solar pumping system installation in the village of Atitoe, located 20 km from the health center. This new water tower will provide another life-saving impact on the region.

The team from GPiH also held meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the University Hospital “CHU CAMPUS.” We believe these meetings are the foundations for a winning partnership in the country for the future.

The Togolese NGO, COMPASSION and its staff is managing the work and organization of the details of the project. The organization is also helping set up a Togolese medical committee to support and monitor the work of the Health Center.

The COMPASSION group once again gives thanks to the partnership that GPiH provides for the Togolese community. Without their help, this ambitious medical project would not be possible, and we are very enthusiastic about the continuation of this partnership. We are thankful to God for this partnership, born out of a desire to bring hope and healing.”

Everyone on our team at Global Partners in Hope is excited by this first trip back to Togo after Covid restrictions. The reopening of travel has set the prospect for more trips in the future and many more opportunities to work alongside the Togolese community. It is because of organizations like COMPASSION and people like Kouami who contribute so much to the cause that this life-saving work continues to move forward and provide hope for the citizens of Togo. 

To make your own personal contribution to support the developing work in Togo click here.

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