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Recognizing our Partners in Mali and Togo: Josué and Leah

Josué Zonou (“Zo-new”) traveled to Togo this month to assist in the process of finalizing the logistics of the Centre Medical Compassion D’Agbelouve. Zonou is the administrative and financial director at our partner hospital in Mali, the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children. In a wonderful spirit of collaboration, he came to help Dr. Brett MacLean establish the accounting and inventory procedures that the health center will use to be successful.

Leah, a Togolese midwife, is now employed by the center and is the acting supervisor as well. She has been instrumental in every step of getting the health center up and running, including working alongside Zonou on the various accounting and inventory procedures, as well as the ordering of medications and practical training in areas such as emergency evacuation.

It is so exciting to see that our partners in Mali are not only helping their own community to grow and thrive as they run their own health centers, but they are also traveling to Togo to support their neighboring communities as well. At GPiH we want to help bridge together not only those that can help with those who need hope, but also bridging communities in support. So thank you Zonou and Leah for all your hard work in both Mali and Togo!

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