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Meetings & Making Connections in Togo ~ Dr. Coleen Stice

Updated: May 15

Dr. Coleen Stice, who is a member of the Global Partners in Hope Medical Board of Directors, reflected on the trip to Togo as it was the first time that she had made connections and visited the new medical center. With the dedication approaching in July, there has been major construction as we get ready to open. Dr. Stice had this to say about the trip:

“Ian Vickers, Marcus and Jacoba Rand, John Novotny and I traveled to Lomé, Togo April 18-27. We had a few extra hoops to jump through because of the Covid requirements, but overall the trip there and back went smoothly. Once we arrived we were treated royally and Kouami Koudawoo organized our time expertly. Ian and Kouami arranged meetings with Ambassador Koffi Esaw (the President of COMPASSION, our partner NGO, and an advisor to the President of Togo); Dr. Adjenou (leader of the local medical committee overseeing the health center and a Radiologist); Dr. Marcel Agbobli (Director of the University Hospital and a trauma surgeon); and multiple other important players in the future of the health center. Sheri MacLean and Jacoba set up the guesthouse on the health center grounds. Marcus  and John got the tractor out of the container, got it working (yay) and explained it to the Togolese men (who are TRILLED!). Ian handed out soccer balls and jerseys (donated by the Creighton men’s soccer team) to the local soccer club and demonstrated the story of the Good Samaritan to a group of children at an orphanage. And I explained the Salama Stove to the big Chief, Mayor of the village, and all the local chiefs of the area. One lucky village woman was given a stove for her own and it will be exciting to see how she puts it to use. We observed the final installation of the solar panels and lithium batteries (stunning technology) and toured the completed health center building (I would say there is nothing like it in Western Africa). Lots to be proud of and to look forward to in Togo.”

With many new and developing things happening in Togo, Dr. Stice has been a huge asset to our team at Global Partners in Hope. We are all thrilled about the progress seen on this trip and we are looking forward to the dedication event planned for July 2021.

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