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Meeting our New and Returning Creighton Students

Updated: May 15

We are excited to introduce our new and returning Creighton students! We have four Creighton students working with us this Spring: Cooper, Christophe, Hannah, and Vinay.

Cooper is our newest intern. He started working with us in December of 2021 and is currently a sophomore at the Heider College of Business. He has not officially declared a major but is leaning towards International Business. His role, thus far, has primarily consisted of connecting opportunities at Creighton with the mission of GPiH. He is currently working to develop a grant search and application strategy for GPiH. 

He said that his desire to work with GPiH is to ultimately “serve the Kingdom of God.” He goes on to say, “The work of GPiH resembles that of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37. The Good Samaritan shows the love of God solely through his actions. He cares for the injured man but never explicitly shares the Gospel with him. Similarly, GPiH shows the love of God through their care for moms and babies. They construct water wells and health clinics but don’t have the focus of explicit evangelism. They both display the love of God with their actions and, if need be, use their words. To put it simply, their life-saving work and Gospel-focus was attractive to me.” He says his favorite part of working with GPiH has been getting to know the team. He states, “It has been a privilege to get to know such talented, gifted, and honorable individuals.” Cooper has been a great addition to the team and we are so thrilled to see what new ideas he brings to GPiH. It’s exciting to see his hard work and his passion for the GPiH mission!

Fun fact: He loves the shows Psych and Spongebob!

Christophe is also an intern with GPiH. He joined the team in August of 2021. He is a junior at Creighton studying Political Science and History with a minor in Economics. Christophe was first drawn to GPiH because he “believes in the mission.” He also said that the people who work at GPiH are very nice and feel like family. 

Chrisophe has already made a significant impact at GPiH–he is very interested in international affairs and has a lot of knowledge to apply to the work at GPiH. His passion has also drawn him to become involved in many areas of our work. 

Fun fact: He thinks he can sing, but those who hear him tend to disagree!

Hannah is one of our returning Creighton Students. She is a senior and will graduate this May with a degree in Marketing from the Heider College of Business. Hannah is currently serving the role at GPiH as the Digital Communications and Marketing Coordinator. This entails digital marketing efforts such as social media and the monthly newsletter. She started with GPiH when she first heard about the mission and immediately wanted to get involved. She loves to travel and share her experiences, so getting to do that with GPiH has been so much fun for her.

She has been a great energy in the office, and we are so excited that she has stayed on with the team this Spring!

Fun fact: She has traveled to over 15 different countries!

Vinay is our other returning Crieghton Student. He will also be graduating this May with degrees in Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He is currently serving as our Operations and Development Support Assistant. He helps with the business logistics at GPiH, as well as tackling projects such as creating presentations, helping analyze donation trends, and brainstorming new and fun ways to engage the community. Vinay got involved with GPiH because he had been motivated to work at a non-profit since high school, he said, “it remains important to me to provide those who we help with power to also help themselves. After learning about GPIH’s business model and operations, I recognized and continue to see the empowerment of rural tribes within Togo and Mali.” He also said, “My favorite thing about working with GPIH would be the work environment. I have worked elsewhere, but no other work environment matches the determined, collaborative, and enjoyable atmosphere within our small office.”

We are so glad that Vinay has also returned for the Spring semester and we look forward to seeing his talent and passion in action.

Fun fact: He was sponsored by Kind Bar when he was 13-14 years old for tennis, which resulted in lots of uneaten Kind bars, and very-tight fitting Kind shirts!

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