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Letter from our CEO, Ian Vickers: Ensuring Safe Deliveries for Every Child in West Africa

Updated: May 14

These past couple of months have been especially exciting for us as a family. We welcomed two new granddaughters into our family. What joy we have in holding and spending time with the little ones. My daughter gave birth to little Yana, and my bonus daughter gave birth to little Mille; both already bring much joy to our family. When I contemplate the reality of giving birth in North America compared to the same reality in West Africa, it is shocking. A safe delivery means having basic prenatal care, vaccinations, a clean environment, and equipped medical staff. One rightly desires the provision of these fundamental medical necessities, yet in the vast majority of West Africa, they remain unmet. The recent births of my granddaughters certainly reinforce my commitment to ensuring safe deliveries for every child.

Over the past 16 years, GPiH's work has progressed significantly. We have established health centers across West Africa, staffed by local medical professionals. This approach has proven to be sustainable and has also generated the synergy needed to expand into additional countries. This month, we've simultaneously begun installation of a new well in Tokpli, Togo and also construction on a new surgical facility to enhance the capabilities of the health center in Togo. Discussions are underway in Benin, West Africa, for another water well and a new health center. At GPiH, our passion and dedication to ensuring safe deliveries for every child in West Africa remain unwavering. We firmly believe that our endeavors extend the boundless love of God to others and serve as a tangible demonstration of His compassion.

My hope is that you would join me in this commitment to ensure safe deliveries for every child. Together we can make a lasting difference in the world.

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