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Hope is Reborn

Updated: May 14

written by Roland Tossue of NGO LA RESCOUSSE, Benin

On September 27, 2022, a team from the NGO LA RESCOUSSE traveled to Togo to meet Ian Vickers in order to discover their achievements and above all benefit from their rich experiences. We came back very satisfied with the exchange and perspectives of this important trip. In Agbelouve, we visited a well, a health structure and GPiH facilities to learn from their success in implementing actions in Benin. This is when "Hope is Reborn".

From this visit was born a great hope for the communities of Atomey(*) because we will be able to work together to make wells in different villages in remote areas and above all, to build a hospital for the care of mothers and children, which will be a huge relief for them. As a reminder, the reference hospital of the municipality of Aplahoué is located 40km from Atomey, which greatly complicates the management of health emergencies for pregnant women and sick children because the road is in very bad condition. By the grace of God, we started the first well drilling project in the village of Aveganme in the heart of Atomey.

The work improves the lives of populations and above all guarantees good health for children. It was a real pleasure to welcome Ian in Benin on March 11, 2023 in the village. The work is almost finished and soon the inauguration will be made in order to spread hope in everyone's heart. We are already receiving a lot of testimonials from the first people who drank the water during the pumping test sessions.

It is impressive to see all the fervor around the work and especially the joy of the children, women and village authorities who do not know how to thank the donors of GPiH for this beautiful gift. Residents of some neighboring villages also come

to take water from the people of Aveganme and leave very happy.

The construction of this well has changed the lifestyle of the people of this village now. They work hard for the cleanliness of their village. A committee has been set up to ensure the regular sweeping of the village in order to guarantee a healthy environment for all and around the well.

*Atomey is a subdivision of the department of Couffo at Benin which has about 16 villages in landlocked areas. Atomey has more than twenty thousand people today with a significant proportion of women. The main activity of this region is agriculture, but access to water and health care remain a great difficulty.

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