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Feature Article: Hope

For those of you who have been supporting the work of Global Partners in Hope for a while, you may already recognize her, but for those of you that are new here, meet Hope. Originally from China, Hope served as a Program Administrator for GPiH and was instrumental in the evolution of our leadership development program.

After attending a Women’s Meeting with Peggy Sperling in 2010, Hope became interested in the work of GPiH. Later that year, she was introduced to Ian Vickers, GPiH CEO, and it was immediately evident that Hope was a perfect fit for the GPiH team. 

In 2011, she helped launch a servant leadership program in China. It was an MBA level course with biblical principles provided by Crown college, targeting young professionals working in the marketplace. At the same time, she worked alongside Peggy Sperling and teams led by GPiH partners. They hosted many women seminars, helping women to fulfill and understand their roles at home and work, sharing biblical truth on singleness, relationships, marriage, parenting, and more.

When asked about her own personal discernment through leadership training, Hope explained, “It challenged me to ask God about His plan for me, and I started taking God’s calling seriously. It was also a start for me to recognize my identity in Christ on a deeper level. The course content was very practical. It wasn’t just a lecture to listen to, but a mentorship between teachers and students, sharing their real-life experiences, hopes, and goals.”

In 2013, GPiH helped Hope come to the United States to pursue an education at Baylor University. She received an MDiv at Truett Seminary of Baylor University, and has remained in the United States since. 

Hope currently resides in Indiana with her husband, Willis, and her son, Paul, and spends her time assisting with translation projects, while also homeschooling her son. She continues to work with the GPiH team as a member of our International Advisory Board. We are incredibly grateful for Hope and all of the ways that she has helped Global Partners in Hope grow as an organization in China. 

“When I was working as a staff member, I saw God’s work in [everything]… Even in the past few years when I was in school, and now as a staying home mom, I can still tell God is doing great things in China through GPiH.” -Hope

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